Executive Commute podcast
with Jayson Krause

Executive Commute is a bite-sized podcast addressing common leadership challenges and how to navigate the inherent turbulence that comes with leading in today’s volatile and complex business world.

We cover topics like the science behind high-performance, designing a culture of innovation, unique feedback that changes behavior quickly, and using game mechanics to improve your leadership effectiveness.

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Season 1 Show Resources

Episode 1 : Drive Better Results And Improve Employee Engagement
Episode 2 : Creating Certainty In Uncertain Times
Episode 3 : Purpose, Vision, And The Downside Of Expertise
Episode 4 : How To Develop A Culture Of Resilience
Episode 5 : Lessons From A Blindside (When Your Top Performers Leave)
Episode 6 : The Problem With Being A "Good Leader"
Episode 7 : How To Create High Performance Relationships Quickly
Episode 8 : How Do I Get My Team To Take Ownership
Episode 9 : Become A Master At Giving Feedback
Episode 10 : Applying Game Theory To Leadership
Episode 11 : I’d Rather Pick A Culture Than A Job
Episode 12 : Designing Your Leadership Practice

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