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high performance athletic principles
applied neuroscience
management science

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Most leader Development

Wonderful in theory, missing the bridge to how it actually helps your people lead. No direct application.

Inspirational moments that are lost when they get sucked back into the vortex of meetings and emails.

Wasted investment - they forget most of it after a week.  Science proves it.


what you get with us

Your leaders develop the mindset early and exercise the right skills to accelerate results.

Leadership is not one size fits all.  Your leaders get the mindset and choose the tools that work for them.

Your leaders learn it, exercise it and shape it to deliver sustainable results.  Bottom line.


Leadership Fitness

The current business climate is volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. Therefore, your leaders' ability to be agile and pivot when needed, and lead transformation during turbulence is critical - we call this leadership fitness - and it starts with extreme intentionality.

We believe

Leadership is like any muscle. If it isn't constantly and intentionally exercised, it withers and leads to severe injury. Don’t wait for a nightmare to happen for you to wake you up to change. Engage in the practice of your leadership.

Here's our process


If your people want in, they have to scale the castle walls and commit. We don't work with average aspirations and we don't deliver average results. We require participants to be 'all in'. We won't waste our time and your money. 




You don't develop fitness by training once a year. Through a deliberate blend of bite-sized experiential events, 1:1 coaching and leader challenges, your team ups their game and over time, become leaders capable of navigating the biggest obstacles. 



What happens after training is far more important than what happens during training. Participants gain a Science Behind Success™ leader mindset, and create a personalized leader playbook to sustain their development and increase their impact.

Here's how we partner in building your leader fitness

Accelerated Leader Program

We take our proven process and deliver a high impact program that gives your leaders the mindset and tools to drive success in today's volatile business world. 

My team is visibly more competent and confident than they were before working with Level 52
— Thane Schaffer (Director, Baker Hughes)


Organizations across the world bring us in for a bite-sized disruption based on the Science Behind Success™. This is the foundation of the new leader mindset. 

Jayson Krause has a unique approach to leadership, change and transition that is engaging. I would not hesitate to bring him back to speak to our leadership or employees again.

Sheri Allen (Director, AltaLink)


1:1 Executive Coaching

Leaders come to us because they want to be better. They want a thought-partner to help them develop the mindset and tools to be transformational. We create high-performance leadership. The method is simple, but not easy. 

My Level 52 coach is insightful, talented and powerful, challenging the way I think and helping me recreate my thought process
— Carol ($200m sales leader)


Leadership makes sense when
you learn the Science Behind Success™


We understand that great content isn’t enough.
Our fundamental learning approach combines a science-based design
and high-performance athletic principles.
We work on leaders' mindsets to enhance skill acquisition and
long term development using :



Leaders are grown not born, and new behaviors take hold faster when they involve struggle. You'll discover the neuroscience of leadership so participants understand the process of skill acquisition, resonant leadership and emotional intelligence.


sports physiology

Our background in high-performance sport means we speak training. Discovering the biological requirements of growth helps leaders understand the laws of accelerated development and the mindset needed to navigate modern organizational turbulence, build resiliency and drive innovation.


human science

The science behind social influence and emotional contagion helps leaders to create deliberate impact and build a conscious leader brand. Leaders understand the necessary ingredients for creating high performance cultures.

A boutique firm with a global reach


Join the growing list of our clients as we help them transform their business through accelerated leadership


These are some of the clients disrupted by Level 52 in the last 12 months.

87% of our clients applied what they'd learned directly "back at work."

As someone who’s been through a Level 52 training course and continues to utilize their coaching, I cannot say enough good things about the process and people behind this group. I highly recommend it to any leader who wants to develop valuable tools and brand to drive change in their organisation.
— Marcus Hoyda, Senior Manager, BHGE