Level 52 Executive Coaching


“It ain't what you don't know that
gets you into trouble. It's what you
know for sure that just ain't so.”

Mark  Twain 

Coaching is a bi-weekly creative constraint that forces you to step back and examine the way you lead, so you can be better.

Leaders get better through partnering with a coach to become more fit, agile and effective in ever-changing organizational environments. Coaching provides a confidential sounding board, deeper reflection and a partner to push you to exercise and drive new levels of performance.


“By taking a pause from the chaos and working with a Level 52 coach, I always come away with greater clarity. This is a superior investment that has helped me reorient and focus on what’s most important.”

Senior Leader responsible for multi billion dollar asset

Leaders hire us because…

They understand the value of having an objective party challenge them to elevate their leader fitness and capability.

They want a thought partner to help navigate the turbulence that comes with a significant role with significant responsibilities.

They want a trusted advisor to explore challenging situations in confidence.

They want specific models and strategies to address deficits and enhance effectiveness.

They want to create an intentional brand that leaves a strong legacy

“What fascinates me is our unlimited
ability to ignore our ignorance.”

Behavioral economist, Daniel Kahneman

Outcomes of coaching

A deeper understanding of your Leader Brand and how to deliver it consistently into your environment.

Enhanced organizational performance through your ability to reduce chaos and confusion.

Accelerated results through reflection, challenge and leveraged learning, so it doesn’t take a nightmare to wake you up.

Clarity and responsible action through exploring multiple perspectives and opportunities.

Ability to engineer powerful cultures through learning and applying skills, tools and strategies.

Develop a personalized Leader Playbook to leverage beyond the coaching relationship.


Let’s not waste your money (and our time)


Getting the most out of your investment:

  • Active engagement

  • We only accept “all in” participants

  • Change takes time and commitment

  • Creative constraint: this isn’t in the way of work, it is your work

We know that coaching creates the repetition necessary to challenge you and enhance your leader fitness. To elevate your impact and exercise extreme intentionality join leaders across the world who work with a level 52 coach to transform from experts to high performance leaders.

Elevate Your Executive Fitness

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