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The Science Behind Success Presentation Slidedeck
(April 11, 2019)

Executive Commute Podcast : Podcast topics include the science behind high-performance, designing a culture of innovation, unique feedback that changes behavior quickly, and using game mechanics to improve your leadership effectiveness.


Your Guide to Me & Designing Alliances : Your Guide to Me is like an instruction manual for others to know how to best work with you. Use your guide to design clear agreements, or alliances, in your working relationships.

The Executive Advantage Equation : Embrace the power of compound actions and engage in this simple and effective leadership fitness practice that provides the executive advantage. Warm-up (W/U) + Cool Down (C/D) = High Performance Leadership (HPL).

Guide to Simplifying Leadership : Leadership is simple, not easy. We’ve simplified the four tenets behind our approach. This is key for creating context for change, turbulence and how you create impact as a leader.

Leadership : Whether you like it or not, and for better or worse, you are infectious. Complete these exercises for a strong Leader Brand and Brand Promise.

Leadership Webinars : Watch these two webinars to further strengthen your understanding of your leader brand and your leader mindset.

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