Jayson Krause

Managing Director, Level 52

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Jayson Krause is a leadership strategist who specializes in helping organizations transform experts into high-performance leaders.

In 2010, he co-created the Science Behind Success – a disruptive approach to leadership based on the physiology of high performance, which was piloted at the Warrington School of Business at the University of Florida.

As a former executive with the world’s largest coach training school, Jayson combines 12 plus years of sales, marketing and strategic planning expertise with more than eight years of executive coaching to deliver results in leadership effectiveness, team-building and communication skills.

Jayson has worked with leaders across the world, including inside Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Ikea International, Jabil Circuits and Toyota to inspire behavioral innovation, drive a culture of ownership and deliver exceptional results.

Prior to his career in coaching, Jayson began his leadership and high performance path as a Canadian national team bobsled pilot. Through competing against the best in the world for over eight years, Jayson cultivated a passion for building high performance teams – winning three national titles and competing in four world championships.

Jayson currently hosts a bite-sized podcast titled the Executive Commute, where he discusses relevant challenges our clients face and how we work with them to develop powerful solutions.

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