1:1 Executive Learning Program

This program is an intensive 1:1 program with a Level 52 master instructor that builds the awareness and agility needed to lead in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment. You will learn the mindset and methods that have transformed experts into strong capable leaders across Europe, Asia and North America.

Participants in this advanced program will:

  • Define the essential elements of modern leadership

  • Develop strong executive presence and influence through exploring and exercising your personal brand

  • Build powerful teams through specific methods that create trust and accelerate alignment

  • Understand the essentials to developing goals using game mechanics that create focus and enhance discretionary effort

  • Use powerful tools to scale leadership and create the conditions for success inside your organization

  • Develop a sustainable leadership practice using high-performance athletic methodologies

Program Overview

This individualized program is conducted virtually through on our video learning platform. Individuals will engage in 24, 60-minute learning sessions with action assignments in between each session.

Session 1

  • Developing the foundation: defining leadership

  • Exploring transactional and transformational leadership

  • Defining the leadership styles that work for you

Session 2

  • The science behind accelerating development

  • Understanding the neuroscience of leadership and performance

Session 3

  • Growth mindset and common leadership struggles

  • The physiological ingredients behind growth and performance

Session 4

  • Viral contagion and executive presence

  • The science of behavioral economics and why it matters to your leadership

Session 5

  • The Science behind strong culture: conducting your culture analysis

  • Why culture eats strategy for breakfast and being the engineer of powerful culture.

Session 6

  • Leader Brand 360 Assessment: How are you perceived?

  • Analyzing how others experience your leadership

Session 7

  • Rebranding your leadership: creating intentional associations

  • Exploring the …

Session 8

  • Designing your legacy and exercising extreme intentionality

  • What do you want to be known for? Developing a roadmap for a lasting legacy.

Session 9

  • Creating a personal instruction manual to enhance relationships

  • What if others had an instruction manual on how to work best with you? How to create consistency in your leadership.

Session 10

  • Defining and designing and environment of trust

  • Exploring the essential aspects of developing strong relationships built on trust

Session 11

  • Game mechanics and goals: mastering performance through clarity

  • Learn the 4 critical elements to powerful goals and capturing attention and engagement

Session 12

  • Coaching essentials: elevating performance through a coach approach

  • The essential skills for unlocking talent and scaling your leadership

Session 13

  • Mastering feedback: modeling leadership candor

  • Learn a powerful model for delivering feedback that reduces undesirable behavior and elevates performance

Session 14

  • Transforming performance through recognition

  • Understand the simple method to inspiring discretionary effort

Session 15

  • Creating the conditions for success: designing powerful alliances

  • The ultimate model for eliminating assumptions and debris that prevent high-performance

Session 16

  • Developing engagement through communication

  • Creating self-authorship and ownership through unique and effective communication

Session 17

  • Forecasting risks and challenges

  • Identifying the risks that could derail your leadership

Session 18

  • Powerful risk management

  • Using an effective model to enhance your ability to respond to the unexpected and unwanted obstacles in your business

Session 19

  • The science of priming and creating momentum

  • Creating powerful momentum through utilizing a science-based approach to creating a culture of enterprise leaders

Session 20

  • Leadership fitness and high performance practice

  • Leveraging high-performance athletic principles to elevate your leadership

Session 21

  • Mastering your practice

  • Developing your method for performance trajectories and accelerated results

Session 22

  • Accelerating wisdom through high-performance methods

  • Most leader agree that experience is your greatest teacher: learning methods that accelerate learning and create compound results

Session 23

  • Building your personal Leader Playbook

  • There’s no blueprint for effective leadership, but you are prepared to build a playbook that allows you to pivot, adjust and respond to the turbulence of your role

Session 24

  • Presenting your Leader Playbook

  • The finished product of your leadership program. Celebrating success and creating sustainable results.

My managers are visibly more competent and confident than they were before working with Level 52.
— Thane Schaffer, Director, Baker Hughes


Total training/coaching hours: 24

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