You are wasting your money developing your leaders

More than $350 billion is spent globally on employee training and development. Despite all of this spending, close to 75% of organizations feel they have poor leadership pipelines, a concerning lack of engagement and are battling not only to attract top talent, but to keep the talent they have.

It’s because they are focusing on the wrong thing. It drives us crazy.

Most leadership programs jam people into a space to learn a bunch of models and content that were created for the way the business world WAS yesterday, instead of the way the business world IS today. Plus, whatever value your people get is likely forgotten within the week as they get sucked back into the vortex of emails and meetings.

It continues to happen and we complain about why our leaders aren’t upping their game to meet the challenges needed to face the VUCA reality.

There are two simple things that Kraukman has noticed makes a remarkable difference in getting value from your leader training:

  1. Focus on the mindset. This is paramount to anything else. Adding the latest apps to your phone means nothing if you never upgrade the operating system. The mindset is the operating system that EVERYTHING else relies on. When you get this right, more sticks, more is applied and more impact is created in the business.
  2. Practice. It seems simple, but this is the hardest thing to do. In a world where the biggest plague is “busy,” having leaders carve out time to become intentional is a game-changer. It doesn’t take much when they focus on the right things. It’s how Olympic athletes get better and it’s a proven model we use that makes leaders better.

Stop wasting money. Make these two things the base of your leader programs and then you can focus on content and skills to address gaps. Trust us – the early work on these two things will truly allow you to accelerate the effectiveness of your leaders.

“My team is far more competent and confident than
they were before we started this leader process.”

Thane Shaffer, Director of Operations,
Upstream Chemicals, Baker Hughes