Why you need to stop resolutions and start revolutions

If you are like me, you have made resolutions in the past and jump-started your year with great intentions only to have them sputter out and leave you back in the same place you started.

There is likely a long list of resolution obituaries you can write year after year.

It’s time to change that.

Resolutions are passe’.

It's a New Year and time to up your game. Drop the resolutions and start your revolution. It sounds dramatic, but a revolution is really a fundamental change in structure and mindset. Most people won’t do it, but why not you?

Here are two things to consider as you plan your career revolution.

What mindset is needed for you to lead this revolution?

Your mindset is the fuel in your tank and the operating system that drives your actions.

When you take a look at the things in your career that keep you stuck or that you perceive as barriers – these are all opportunities for a revolution. Revolutions take courage and intention –  what great shift doesn’t?

Think of the greater role you want to play in your business, the kind of leader you want to be, or the contribution you want to make to your customers.

To create your revolution, be deviant. Deviance breeds innovation, personally and professionally. Be willing to drop the stories you have made up and break the rules you have created that keep you stuck.

Be a masochist. We do this when we go to the gym and push our boundaries. Create intentional pain that grows and inspires you instead of living in agony about the things you should be doing.

This is a revolution in itself.

Create a structure to keep this revolution moving forward

Structure is the final piece of the puzzle that will determine whether you fizzle out or keep it alive.

Athletes and artists use daily structures to create revolutions in their performance. Push boundaries and let go of what was created yesterday to build, grow and move towards that compelling vision today.

It is time for you to plant a stake in the ground and create the revolution needed for the next leap in your career.

What old structures will you tear down this year?

What new ones will you create that will help you grow your leadership, accelerate your career, and deliver the impact you want at the end of the year?