This Simple Process is a Game Changer

You've been chipping away at your  goals (you have, haven’t you?) and are ready to make the last quarter the best year of your personal and professional life. Now that you have your direction, what can you do to significantly enhance the probability of reaching your goals and maximizing your growth and development?

There is a simple but effective process we teach both aspiring and existing leaders that will radically accelerate your growth and impact. If you are one of the people who will not only read this, but learn to apply it – it will be a game changer for you.

In a nutshell, the process is this: W/U – EX – C/D

W/U = Warm Up
EX = Exercise
C/D = Cool Down

Warm Up

High performance athletes start their day with a warm up. They take inventory of their body, get clear about what needs to happen in their training and then get their mindset right before they roll up their sleeves and get to work.

When you take 15-minutes to start your day to assess where you are at and get clear about what you need to tackle, you can prime yourself for how you need to show up to maximize your day and be the best expression of yourself.

Your warm up is your daily launch pad that sets the trajectory of your day. You can prevent starting in the hole, playing catch-up or being stuck in the downward spiral that comes with Murphy’s law when you pause and take the time to ask the right questions and warm up.

What’s the right warm up for you?


In the grand scheme of things, everything is an exercise. Everything you do on a daily basis is creating the neurological wiring, physiological construct and mental models for what you can tackle tomorrow. You will never be a finished product (until, well, you know…). So what you engage in and produce today is an exercise, or experiment that sets the next stage for what’s next.

This is a mindset that is essential to maximizing your growth that will allow you to take risks, be resilient and present while working to make daily progress on those goals you set at the beginning of the year.

How do you engage with your daily professional exercise?

Cool Down

This is the easiest to miss and incredibly important to your ongoing development.

Bill Gardner wrote an article in Forbes that indicates we don’t spend enough time in reflection. Most of us agree that experience is the best teacher, yet we don’t create the time to glean the necessary lessons from each daily experience. You can change that.

This is where you start taking 10-minutes at the end of the day to assess your performance. You take inventory of where you are now and what you learned about yourself. Did you achieve what you wanted? What is going to be important for you to focus on tomorrow?

The time to reflect on your day allows you identify what worked and what didn’t. Consider it a mini-post mortem that will help you navigate the turbulence that shows up tomorrow.

This critical reflection will help grow your self-awareness, pinpoint growth opportunities early and allow you to pivot quicker.

This method is simple and it works. Over time you will find the right questions to kick-start your day. The hardest part will be creating the immovable structure at the beginning and end of your day. When you do – you won’t regret it.