The Real Story on Leadership Development: Nothing Works

After spending more than a decade molding future leaders, both as a consultant and executive, there’s one thing you need to know about developing your leaders:

Nothing works.

The data agrees with me. More than $350 billion is spent globally on employee training and development. That’s right, more than $350 billion. That exceeds the GDP of countries like South Africa, Denmark and Singapore. 350 billion dollars would also build up to 70 modern space shuttles.

Despite all of this spending, close to 75% of organizations feel they have poor leadership pipelines, a concerning lack of engagement and are battling not only to attract top talent, but to keep the talent they have.

Given the data, you might have a better chance of taking your company where it needs to go by investing in that space shuttle.

Nothing works.

Information is everywhere, yet many of your people grasp at straws when it comes time to use their training in the context of their roles and your organization. They have all the tools and information they need at their fingertips and yet, they aren’t implementing it to enhance your culture or business performance. You try to fill their brains with the tools, soft skills and hardware they need to lead effectively – and it’s not working.

Because, nothing works.

There is a critical piece that is missing in this method. Aside from the realities of the forgetting curve, it’s likely you haven’t been giving your people the operating system they need to pull everything together to use it effectively inside your business. Your training dollars are being wasted as employees miss the greater context. Shortly after their training, they get sucked back into the vortex of their job and revert back to their old way of doing things. Wasting their time and your money.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is something you can do to create the critical bridge between knowing and doing, and therefore improve the return on your training investment.

Nothing works,
unless you work the system.

To work the system,
it helps to understand the system.

The operating system your people need to develop before anything else, is their mindset.

At Kraukman, we help your leaders understand the system they’re in and employ methods to ensure your investment is implemented. We’ve seen remarkable shifts in engagement and effectiveness once leaders are exposed to the hard science behind soft skill development, culture and performance.

Your leaders understand things like:

  • The neuroscience behind development, why change is so hard, and the implications of their leadership style on colleagues and direct reports.
  • Physiology, grit, resilience and the biomechanical ingredients for innovation.
  • The anatomy of a virus and how you spread behaviours of high performers and stop the behaviours that erode your culture.
  • Instead of culture being a buzzword, your people own it, because we break it down to the DNA.

“You don’t see something until you have the right metaphor to perceive it.”
~ Thomas Kuhn

The Science Behind Success™ gives your people the metaphor needed to make your business their business.

We’ve experienced the quintessential nightmare participant in our programs, who show up with their arms crossed, completely prepared to waste time because they were “told to be there.”

After a short period we notice these barriers lifting, and instead of sitting back with their arms crossed, they lean forward. Leadership and ownership are no longer nebulous concepts – they understand it.

We help your people lean in and understand that they’re responsible for driving their own career success and the success of the business. They’re responsible for creating the conditions for success. Once they’re aware that they’re accountable for that – then they REALLY are accountable.

If content is king, then context is the emperor.

The Science Behind Success™ gives your leaders the greater context and mindset to bridge the gap between knowing and doing to effectively lead today’s workforce.

What if a simple action could  make a significant difference in the mindsets of your future leaders?

What if you could enhance the trajectory of retention, engagement and enterprise leadership inside your business?

What if you could see results after just 60 minutes?

You can take 60 minutes. Replace a weekly meeting and expose your people to the Science Behind Success™. They will not only know the fundamental system of performance and effective leadership, but they will know how to work it.

Nothing works. Unless you work it.

Book your Disruption now and create a new launchpad for your leaders that works.