Barack Obama’s already talking about Science Behind Success principles

It’s definitely been one of my bucket list items to hear former US president Barack Obama speak. He’s one of the world’s great orators.

When I recently had the opportunity to hear him speak at a San Diego leadership conference, I jumped at the chance. Bicker all you want about what Obama accomplished in two terms as president, I don’t think anyone can dispute his ability to reach a crowd during a speech.

There are so many things I took from Obama’s speech that will not only help me with my own leadership, but also my leadership development practice at Kraukman. I’m going to share some of those insights with you in upcoming blog posts.

One thing Obama talked about really stuck out, because it’s actually rooted in one of the four principles of Kraukman’s Science Behind SuccessTM method. Our term is called myelination. In layman’s terms, it’s repetition. In Obama’s description, it’s called daily habits.

As he spoke about his smoking habit, he said once his daughters could smell it on him, he knew he had to quit. So, he went about forming daily habits that took him away smoking – each day leading him forward.

“The secret to change comes from daily habits,” Obama told the crowd.

“Developing the right mindset and habits is a different story.”

Whether you call it daily habits, repetition or our term – myelination, it’s the same scientific process at work. Here’s a great scientific description of myelination – and why it’s critical for growth and development.

In leadership training, myelination works the same way. Practicing the right habits as a manager of people helps you develop the pattern that evolves into a regular behaviour. This behaviour helps you teach, develop and improve the productivity on your team.

We specialize in training your team to set the right habits, how they can implement them in their daily routine and how it’s going to affect their team members.

“Leadership is not grown from a manual; it is an operating system that’s developed over time,” Obama told the crowd.

At Kraukman, we help your leaders develop that efficient, effective operating system – so they can help others in your organization do the same.