Still have engagement issues? Maybe you should fire your managers.

Your managers are the ones directly responsible for engaging the hearts and minds of your employees, so why not fire them if engagement is lacking? The alternative would be to train them.

When I say train them, I mean train them the right way.

Start by disrupting their mindset. Slowly give them the skills and tools needed for them to become transformational leaders and enroll them in the simple steps to BE effective leaders.

It’s simple – not easy.

The old-school method of ‘pour & snore’ content delivery will create a momentary dopamine injection that comes with insight,  but that fleeting sense of fulfillment and perceived capability is quickly followed by inaction and amnesia. It’s a waste of money.

Most leader onboarding processes are broken and results in leaders clinging to the the only thing they know – the habits and behaviors that got them there. So, when push comes to shove and the pressure mounts, people always default to their lowest level of training – which, from our experience, is not very high.

The hard part for new (and existing) leaders is breaking free from the habits formed early in their career that have helped them achieve success. It’s simple to do. The hard part is committing to the structure that makes your leadership effective, not relying on your positional authority.

Talk to us if you want to break the chain of poor engagement and are curious how to do it in a 60-Minute Disruption with your leaders.

Talk to us if your organization is too nearsighted and you want to create change by yourself, differentiate yourself and create significant impact with your team.

We will give you the straight up, step-by-step method we’ve been using successfully with game-changing leaders that have reduced costs by millions of dollars, inspired employees and driven innovation.