The Best ROI You’ll Get This Year

How can 2.5% get you a tremendous return, even in a downturn?

When the stock market is down, what do you do? You buy low – so that down the road you can sell high. It’s an adage successful investors employ to amass their fortunes. You buy when things are on sale.

How does this apply to effective leadership? Put simply, in the hard and challenging times, you invest in growing self-awareness, which builds more conscious leadership.

Boston College’s, Bill Torbert studied leaders who are considered more aware and conscious than their peers. The most developed leaders, Torbert noted in the Harvard Business Review, succeeded in generating one or more organizational transformations over a four-year period and their company’s profitability, market share and reputation all improved. Consciousness, as it turns out, goes straight to the bottom line.

How do you develop consciousness?

At Kraukman, we focus on developing consciousness through activating extreme intentionality and accelerating wisdom. Quite simply, it all comes down to investment.

Long-term growth comes down to investment. When we invest our money with a solid plan, it grows over time. Buy low, sell high.

Why wouldn’t it work the same if we invest time and energy into ourselves? Everything is a result of how we invest. Our money, our time, our intention, our creativity, and also our anger and disappointment. What we invest in, creates compound interest until we experience an elevated level of performance, or an acute fracture of disappointment.

The leaders we work with, on average, invest five percent of their time in a very specific way.

A measly 2.5 percent of your time breaks down to 60 minutes of your 40-hour work week (there are people out there who only work 40-hours, right)?

45-minutes of coaching every two weeks.

In just 10 minutes every day, you will accelerate your influence, impact and environment.

  • 5 minutes in the morning
  • 5 minutes at the end of the day

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience from investing just five percent of your time every week:

  • More intentional with your work
  • Make better choices, which will lead to more time (maybe you’ll delegate!)
  • Expand your influence and brand within the organization
  • Exercise your wisdom muscle
  • Reach your goals faster through linking behaviors with clear objectives
  • Build engagement and trust with your colleagues and reports through a consistent leader brand and engagement strategy

“We overestimate what we can achieve in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in a year.”  – Tim Ferriss

It comes down to how you invest. Start investing your time in the right way and watch your leadership confidence and capability grow exponentially over time. We see it happen. All. The. Time.